Meet the Webinar Creator and Instructor Team

#eLearningBizTec — Who We Are

A group of experienced specialists who are passionate about teaching, we share with you our skills and real-life experience gathered throughout our quite different sets of careers. We have pooled our experience within a dedicated teaching platform to bring our audience the best quality of information across all our trainers’ and lecturers’ or freelance specialists’ combined fields of specialization.

Join us and profit from our presentations and knowledge shared.

Our instructors are successful at technology, media, business, and other topics. We love our work and we love what we’re doing — but we also love to teach and have found this platform to provide both a great audience and a good setting for sharing our expertise with a very special group of participants who want to profit from hands-on training and quality information.

Why You Should Enroll and Learn with Us:

√   free teaching materials, on-demand transcripts or downloadable documents

√   certificate of completion at end of course

√   additional free access to your instructor(s) on our website

√   a separate companion website with student chat & community

√   lifetime free access to any course updates, edits, or add-ons

Unlike other offerings, our courses are quality-reviewed and fact-checked in order to minimize or eliminate errors or omissions. Our instructors are here to encourage thinking outside the box and teach to critically analyze and question rather than just repeat mainstream “wisdom”. They take a different approach enabling students to get results faster and cut out much of the “background-noise” regrettably so common these days.

About Our Instructors, and What You Will Learn:

•   Nigel Howitt is a passionate advocate of re-thinking many of the assumptions that underpin our culture and lifestyle choices. He advocates a new look at health challenging the allopathic model of medicine, and a new look at education challenging the out-of-date passive model in favour of self-led education. In his previous career, Nigel has been an airline pilot for 25 years and an avid explorer and world traveler.

•   Maggie Mage excels at high-school level mathematics, geometry, and media creation. She enjoys explaining complex problems in plain English and demystifying difficult concepts to make them more easily accessible. Maggie is passionate about teaching and has a track record of helping others to widen their own maths and science skills. Her course and online instructionals have been well-received by her constantly growing audience.

•   Giuseppe Monticelli. An experienced Java developer, web-services and Cryptography specialist, Giuseppe has many years of corporate training and teaching experience. He likes sharing his knowledge, and he loves, lives and breathes both technological and cultural topics. Giuseppe’s students use to be excited about the teaching experience he delivers and cherish the moments taking in his presentations and engaging content delivery.

•   Lucy Rump is a nutrition and life coach who loves spreading information about achieving true health outside the mainstream narrative in the media and medical fields, both of which are increasingly seen as failed models by a growing number of people. She provides actionable information and hands-on solutions for every-day persons seeking to live a better life. Lucy is also a qualified lawyer admitted to the bar and has a track record of consulting businesses around internet, new technology, data protection and privacy topics — including GDPR compliance most recently. She has advised start-ups and established businesses on legal requirements of establishing e-commerce and general websites both for European and worldwide audiences.

•   Eduardo Viriato has joined our team while working on Crypto currency and broader IT projects in Portugal back in 2014. He holds a computer science degree, but early on has ventured outside the confines of his education and set up health-friendly and eco travel as well as computer and internet projects over the last few years. Eduardo enjoys creating quality courses in order to ignite in his course participants his own excitement about the topics he loves and cares about.

•   Mark Mage is an IT Systems Developer and HD Video Producer, Editor & Release Consultant with in-depth online marketing experience going back to the early days of the internet in the 1990s. He is also a Forex and Commodities trader and investor using his experience in technical analysis for generating profits mostly from asymmetric trades.  He loves to teach and help people understand the ins and outs of using technology and Open Source tools for better results in freelance and business settings. Mark has a passion for achieving more with less and enjoys passing on these methods to participants so they can use and improve their skills in the process.

Further setting our online course quality and features apart from other webinars, we strive to add hand-edited subtitles in English and/or other languages (such as French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish); these can be turned on or off for a better learning experience.

All our course features show that we are serious in helping an as large number of students as possible to benefit from our courses, even if courses are in another language than their own native tongue.

Thank you for considering enrolling in our courses. We wish you the best of success.