Privacy Policy for Website Use

On the website, we do not use any third-party cookies at this time in order to prove that — unlike most other website operators out there — we do indeed protect your Privacy and Data Protection interests. As a token of our honest belief in the above, we have made a conscious decision to not use a Google Pixel or Facebook Pixel and similar trackers on our website. That way, we do not disclose even “non-personal” or “non-identifying” information like your IP address or system configuration data to those usual suspects. We will remove this statement and section in case we change that approach any time in the future.

We also do not even claim that cookies “provide a better experience to site visitors” either — because that’s simply not true: if used and deployed, cookies are almost always intended and used in order to extract your (the site visitor’s) data in order to “get at least something out” of you (the visitor) in return “for providing a free website”, which actually is not done for charitable purposes either but for website owners’ self-interest (which usually is marketing and pushing a sale). It simply works like (paper) junk mail or sweepstakes/raffles in the old days where operators promise free stuff to consumers in order to data-mine or exploit their information in a similar way. (The only exception being “session cookies” used these days in order to manage user-logins and maintain an active session where registered users have access to extra website features or similar; while that could be done in a similar — and better — way too, and used to in the olden days; it just seems to have been forgotten now that everyone and their grandmother simply use cookies, just because they can and because it’s a common way of managing user sessions today.) We thought we should be honest here and at least let you know!

That said, rest assured that we will not compile or collect your data in order to sell it to mailing lists or similar commercial marketing information or address providers. At the same time, we would like to inform you as a visitor to our website that we suspect Facebook, Google and Doubleclick or similar enterprises to do something very similar (just on a more “neutral” or “non-identifiable” level which, when all is said and done. may well yield identifiable data by way of combination or cross-referencing after all. However, this is the way the beautiful web with its shining colors works and how things are today/ You, the user (or consumer) is free to abstain from this though in order to *really* armor and protect your data against any hidden use of that kind. We thought we’d like to let you know and educate you about that fact, too.

To erase user data for any account you may have created on this website, please contact us using the webmaster contact details displayed on the Legal Contact page.

We hope you still enjoy your visit to our website and finally would like to encourage you to delete any browser cookies that you may not need on a regular basis. That way, you can do a lot for protecting your Privacy if you are informed and believe, like we do, that it really matters.

Thank you for visiting our website today!



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